Teachers in Residence Programme Connecting secondary teachers with industry professionals

Published 20th June 2019

Would you like the opportunity to work with a UK-based design, manufacturing, engineering or construction business?

The Association are offering our secondary members the opportunity to take part in a 3 to 5 day internship to enhance their knowledge of modern industry for the classroom. This opportunity will help you develop:

  • a deeper understanding of modern industry practice, and the technical skills and attributes required by employers
  • a clearer view of the career pathways and opportunities available for your students, which in turn will support your school’s delivery of the government careers strategy.

If you would like to take part in this initiative, you will need to commit between three to five days of your holiday or agree release from your school. In return we will match you to a company, where you will be fully immersed in their day-to-day activity, gaining first-hand experience of their business, and developing meaningful industry engagement links which will benefit you and your students.

This programme was piloted last year with a small number of teachers, who all reported that the experience had positively impacted on their planning and teaching.

“Every minute at the firm provided the opportunity to have extensive conversations around how I could further develop my practice as a Design and Technology teacher”. Vinay Patel, Kensington Aldridge Academy

“Talking to them.. the founding directors of ForPeople Ltd ..reinforced what I know about the inherent skills in Design and Technology”. Louise Cook, James Allen’s Girls’ School

“Despite feeling apprehensive about the placement (that feeling of ‘I know nothing about the Real World’) I had a great time.. Everyone was very friendly and as interested to know about teaching as I was about what they did in their roles”. Fiona Exley, Dunnottar School

For further information or to register your interest, please contact Lata Patel

Email: lata.patel@data.org.uk 



This initiative is managed by the Design and Technology Association and funded by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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