Teaching Food Safely in Primary School

Published 3rd December 2015

Teaching Food Safely in Primary School has been developed to ensure the food we make, serve and sell, as part of our Food Curriculum is safe to eat.

This course is recommended for everyone who is involved in primary food education, including cookery clubs or food activities in school. This includes teachers, technicians, teaching assistants/ higher level teaching assistants, trainee teachers, support staff, parent helpers. As working with food is compulsory at KS1 and KS2, it is crucial that staff are up to date. This training is designed to support all those who work in this capacity.

Training and assessment for CIEH Level 2 Food Safety certificate and more, including risk assessment guidance and other documentation relating to safe working practices in terms of food hygiene and safety, personal hygiene and safety related directly to classroom practice.

The course will ensure that you

  • understand the terminology related to food safety.
  • realise the importance of strict time and temperature controls when dealing with food.
  • understand the concept of food hazards and how the risk of food poisoning can be contained.
  • be aware of the importance of good personal hygiene and the role of cleaning in preventing food contamination.
  • understand the need for high standards of structure and equipment in food premises.
  • understand, plan and apply the Primary Health & Safety Standards that make reference to Food Safety
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