The Great D&T Giveaway

Published 3rd December 2015

Design & Technology and related subjects are facing a number of challenging issues, including the prospect of changes to curricula and programmes of study over the coming two years.

As part of the Design & Technology community, Technology Supplies, strive to support the teaching and learning of related subjects in educational establishments across the world, sharing both the love and passion of supporting the next generation of UK designers, engineers, architects, and creatives. They also share the frustrations and concerns associated with reduced teaching time, subject consolidation as a result of reduced GCSE entries, teacher shortages, and changes at government level.

As part of a Great D&T Giveaway, they are asking a few questions to understand how staff within teaching departments are currently feeling. This will help them to support the D&T community in the future, which in turn ensures that related subject areas are fully equipped to prepare students for working in industry. Read more

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