The IET 150: My Sustainable Community Competition celebrates 150 years of the IET

Published 8th September 2021

In partnership with Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW), the IET have created the IET 150: Sustainability Community Competition for children aged 7-14.

They are asking young people across the UK to consider their community response to sustainability and climate change, all while having fun!  They want them to put their engineering hats on design and build a sustainable community, perhaps like where they live now, but right from the very beginning – a blank canvas!

The only thing it must include is 150 homes for people within the community to live in, then the rest is up to them, keeping in mind the sustainability of their community. They can think about a variety of factors, from providing shelter and water, to heating and food sources, to the community’s economy and jobs for the people.

What is the EESW IET 150 - MY SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Competition?

The IET 150 - MY SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Competition will help encourage young people to consider their community response to the sustainability and climate change agenda and to consider a career in STEM by giving students a positive experience using their STEM knowledge, skills, and experience to meet the challenge brief.

How it works

The EESW & The IET will provide groups/individuals with a MY SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY introduction video, handbook(s) and PowerPoint to get started.
As part of the resources, young people will be given a brief and ideas they may wish to consider, then it’s over to them to research and design a solution to meet the MY SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Competition requirements.

Their work should be submitted to: no later than Friday 28th January 2022. Projects submitted by the closing date will be entered and assessed for the opportunity to win an award.
There are three categories of entry – Individuals, Small Groups (up to 10 per group) or Large Groups (over 10 per group), plus two classes for each category – Class 1 (ages 7-10) and Class 2 (ages 11-14).

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