The MicroDot®: if you can draw a cube, you can draw anything!

Published 17th July 2018

With the help of Kickstarter, John Donnelly from St James’ C of E School in Bolton, hopes to gain support to produce the best drawing product, enabling all pupils to intuitively draw correctly.

John has had great success in producing drawing stencils for some years now, one such product, the DTDOT® has been covered in a Design & Technology Association D&T Practice magazine article in recent months. Since then it has been introduced into many schools and has had rave reviews from teachers at courses which john has delivered across the country. 

The MicroDot® was developed from taking the most used features of the DTDOT® and stripping it back to produce the most compact drawing tool on the market.  “As soon as a pupil picks up the MicroDot®, they use it with ease and just ‘get it.” – John Donnelly

John strongly believes that “if you can draw a cube, you can adapt that cube to produce most products on paper.”  

The MicroDot® Stencil

  • is compact and uses the ‘dot-to-dot’ principle taken from the DTDOT®
  • has a selection of carefully placed ellipse tools, so that the pupil can actually see how to use them.
  • there is a stencil for isometric cut outs,
  • a funky arrow for annotation that can be flipped to highlight environmental considerations.
  • a 30 degree wedge for general isometric projection,
  • a small rule
  • and the fun, and much liked feature is that of the ‘sun and sunglasses’ stencil. This feature helps pupils consider a direction of light before they start to draw so rendering/shading can be done correctly.

John hopes to have the MicroDot® injection moulded so it can be made quickly.  The ultimate goal is then to get the MicroDot® into schools for the cheapest price possible, enabling as many pupils, KS2 – 5 (and beyond) to draw in this unique way.

Lesson plans and resources for primary schools through to secondary schools are in the pipeline and will be made freely available alongside online videos for use in the classroom.  “I will make sure that the lesson resources remain free so that the stencils are used as often as possible.”

MicroDot® has been in development since 2015, the tool looks simple, but is exceptionally well thought out and has undergone many changes over the last 12- 18 months and is now ready for your backing via Kickstarter.

If you woudl like to see this product go into production them please click on this link or scan QR code to back the Kickstarter campaign.

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