The Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge

Published 19th April 2018

The Plastic Bottle Challenge (PBBC) is a fun but educational rich activity that all primary schools should engage with this summer term. It’s simple, FREE, addresses a highly topical and relevant environmental issue, provides a competition that everyone can get involved with and enables you to so some interesting D&T activity that also links with other curriculum areas.

It also gives you and your pupils an opportunity to play a part in beating a world record! PBBC is an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for simultaneously launch of a flotilla of model plastic bottle boat.  The boats will be made with recycled bottles which themselves will be collected, recycled after the attempt and be used to make a real boat to be built by a professional boat building company.  The mass launch event that is to take place in venues across the country on Wednesday 27th June 2018.

The whole project will also draw wider public attention to a number of environmental issues but also provide children with a really memorable experience.

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