Thinking, Testing, Making: A Manifesto for Design

Published 3rd December 2015

Ahead of the General Election, the Parliamentary Officers of the All Party Parliamentary design & Innovation Group (APDIG) launched a new manifesto this week warning that the next government must put design at the heart of the UK's 'political, economic and educational systems' to ensure the 'opportunities of the future are fully realised'.

The Design and Technology Association is a member of APDIG and contributed to the Education section of the manifesto which highlights the main challenges facing D&T education in secondary schools at the current time. The Association fully supports the statement in the manifesto that, “The DfE should address the unintended consequences of Ebacc and progress 8 by making clear statements about the value of D&T and the importance the Government attaches to schools ensuring all pupils have an entitlement to D&T education from 5-16.”

The Association’s concerns about the decline in entry to D&T ITT and the ability of teachers to access high quality CPD are also included. You can read more on the APDIG site and download the manifesto below.

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