Threat from ‘Compulsory Ebacc’

Published 3rd December 2015

The Conservative manifesto included plans for all students to take Ebacc subjects at GCSE and the Prime Minister has subsequently stated that the Government will implement the manifesto in full. In addition Ofsted will hold schools to account over students gaining the Ebacc  and no school will be judged as ‘Outstanding’ if it ‘refuses’ to offer the full suite of Ebacc subjects.

This proposal is a further, and very significant, threat to non-Ebacc subjects from Government accountability measures. Please complete the Annual Survey by clicking here to indicate the current impact of Ebacc and Progress 8 – but also email us on if these new proposals start to affect provision of D&T in your school. We continue to keep the DfE informed of the impact these measures are having on D&T and D&T teachers.

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