Videos to Promote Design and technology in School

Published 23rd April 2019

Our members asked... Can you help us promote design and technology effectively?

In response to conversations with our members, we have commissioned three promotional subject videos in partnership with Freebird Film, Triumph Motorcycles UK and JCB UK and working with a number of our member schools. The films are aimed at linking work that students are carrying out within their schools to the work being completed by professional designers. They are purposely fast paced in order to depict the excitement, energy and potential within our subject.

Teachers have repeatedly informed us that they find it hard to locate film that accurately captures the subject and explains its relevance to students and their parents. These are the first of what we hope will be a series of short films promoting the subject shot with a range of industry partners and across a range of host schools.

There are two short films featuring JCB and Triumph Motorcycles that can easily be shared on the school’s website/department bulletins, Twitter Facebook and Instagram and a longer 2-minute film that is designed to be shown on open-evenings, summer showcase events where you will be promoting the the subject to pupils, parents, local companies and the whole school


Find all the videos together on D&TTV and on our You Tube Channel

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