What is D&T? Promoting Design and Technology in your school, to pupils and parents

Published 3rd January 2017

Why D&T provides the route for you! Resources to help you promote your subject

To support schools options evenings, that are scheduled over the forthcoming weeks, we have developed a package to inform  students, parents and others in the school and help make clear the value of studying D&T: Posters, Videos, Leafets

We know that in many schools, performance measures including the EBacc are squeezing the amount of choice pupils have regarding their KS4 subjects. We also know that D&T is often misunderstood, being seen simply as ‘craft’ and not the sophisticated and comprehensive subject it is. To address this and support teachers and departments when promoting GCSE D&T as an option, we have made available the following specific resources.

Our 2018 Options Evening Package includes:

Order packs of 200 leaflets: What is D&T …and why choose to study it?  - Not available for purchase with Curriculum credits

There will be a small charge for the leaflets  to cover print costs.

The package of resources can be used flexibly to promote the varied and career pathways that studying D&T GCSE can lead to. The leaflets and the poster should be made available in the D&T department and in prominent communal spaces, to make sure they are seen by all. The leaflet and poster also makes use of QR codes to encourage students to use tablets and smart phones to find out more about potential careers.

The posters can also be used by teachers as a starting point for class discussion when promoting D&T as a GCSE option and to highlight the variety of transferable skills that it develops. These are required within a wide range of occupations – including medicine, law and finance.

How to order your leaflets

Please order your pack of 200 leaflets online. There is a small charge of £6 for members and £8.40 for non-members per pack, to cover printing costs. Once your order has been placed online, your pack will be sent to you as soon as possible. If you have difficulties ordering online , please call us on 01789 470007 or email info@data.org.uk and we will be pleased to help you. Not available for purchase with Curriculum credits

Don’t forget, if you wish to print yourself, the pdf is available for you to download and print from here.

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