What the new D&T GCSEs means to our members?

Published 26th July 2016

The Awarding Organisations have issued the draft specification of the new single title D&T GCSE. The final specs should be delivered into schools in October/ November of new academic year. Teachers are understandably concerned about the impact these specifications will have on their current teaching of the subject. D&T teachers across the country will need to spend time reviewing the specifications and making necessary changes to the D&T curriculum in time for the first teaching of the new GCSE in September 2017.

The D&T Association are heavily supporting teachers with a range of resources, events and training sessions which will help them gain understanding of the new specifications and confidence in teaching the new single title D&T GCSE.

Engaging with our school members is important at this time as teacher plan to deliver the new GCSEs. They will be researching and budgeting for new equipment, resources and training programmes that they may require to deliver the subject in its new form. If you have any ideas regarding how you feel we can help you engage with teachers and schools then please do email debbie.woodbridge@data.org.ukĀ  or call 01789 470007 to discuss opportunities

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