Who cares about education? by Eric MacFarlane

Published 13th July 2017

Eric Macfarlane wrote this book when prompted by his 13-year-old grand-daughter coming home from school after dropping what her school considered to be 'unimportant subjects' in order to concentrate on her sciences and languages. When asked which subjects she was dropping she replied, 'Art, design, drama and music'. All who deplore this short-sighted policy must surely unite to oppose what is currently happening in our schools.

Current heavy emphasis on traditional academic courses is having a disastrous effect on the rest of the curriculum and depriving many children of the opportunity to develop their creative, design and practical skills.  One of the situations that prompted me to write the book was when my 

We all have opinions on education, but how far do we understand the powerful forces that shape the learning experiences of our children and young people?  Eric Macfarlane takes a critical look at the traditions, government policies and individual ideologies that currently determine priorities in our schools, colleges and universities.  His disturbing conclusion is that we are fast losing sight of the basic principles that underpin effective learning and teaching.  Who Cares About Education? is a call for concerted action from all who share an interest in young people and the way in which we prepare them for adulthood. 

Who Cares About Education? is available from all good bookshops  (paperback £8.99, hardback £16.99), Amazon (hard-copy and e-book), and directly from the author at a discounted price (eric.macfarlane@btinternet.com or 01256 850588).

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