Winning Advice from a Winner

Published 1st November 2018

Last year, Wool4School was held in England for the first time. This year, it has opened its doors to the entire United Kingdom - so competition is tougher than ever.

Our very first winner from this side of the world was Daisy Lines from Kesteven and Sleaford High School. Daisy chose Melanie Martinez as her muse, designing a four-piece outfit for the American singer. The outfit includes a floral bra, high-waisted shorts, a halter neck net dress and a holographic skirt with a corset-style belt – all made using Merino wool, naturally. For the accessory, Daisy designed a 50s style headband, with crocheted wool flowers to match the floral bralette.

"I realised that there was so many opportunities for using wool beyond the traditional image of knitwear," said Daisy. "I learnt much more about the properties and benefits of using wool - many of which I hadn’t been aware of before entering this competition. I really enjoyed the challenge of the design, having to create a garment that fully utilised the properties of wool while still being able to represent the musician I chose.”

Daisy won the opportunity do a short course at the London College of Fashion – with the same prize up for grabs this year too.

“The fashion design short course at London College of Fashion was an incredible and eye-opening experience. I got the chance to develop my skills as a designer and get a better understanding of the world of fashion. As well as this I got to meet some incredible new people who I definitely won't forget. I would highly recommend any aspiring designers to try and attend this course as it really does change your whole perspective.”

And finally, for any students still contemplating entering this year’s Wool4School competition, Daisy says: “I think that the opportunity is such an amazing thing, to create a design that really tests your ability and capabilities is something that shouldn't be passed up.”

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