Wool4School tops the charts with student design competition

Published 18th April 2018

Following the success of Wool4School in Australia, the student design competition has successfully run for the first time in England.

An initiative of The Woolmark Company, Wool4School England invited students to design an outfit for their favourite musician to wear on stage. The outfit, which also included an accessory, had to be designed with Merino wool as the main fabric.

With more than 4500 registrations, the first Wool4School England competition was clearly a hit, with winning students designing for Melanie Martinez, Kim Taeyung and Florence Welch.

Winner Daisy Lines from Kesteven and Sleaford High School has won a one-week course at the London College of Fashion for her design for Melanie Martinez, which comprised a floral bra, high-waisted shorts, a halter neck net dress and a holographic skirt with a corset-style belt – all made using Merino wool, naturally.

"I realised that there was so many opportunities for using wool beyond the traditional image of knitwear," said Daisy. "I learnt much more about the properties and benefits of using wool – many of which I hadn’t been aware of before entering this competition."

Fashion designer Catherine Teatum - one half of the award-winning label Teatum Jones and Wool4School jury member - praised Daisy for her keen attention to detail.

“The level of detail and considered thought that had gone into Daisy's entry was outstanding,” said Catherine. “She'd really put a lot of thought into the innovative use of wool within the context of her design inspiration. It completely stood out from all the other entries. I was very impressed."

Second place went to Masuma Amanat from Harlow College, who designed for K-Pop sensation Kim Taeyung from South Korean boy band BTS. Burgess Hill Girls' student Bridget Calthrop was awarded third place for her design for Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine.

Congratulations to Wool4School England’s finalists:

  • Shona Oliver, Harlow College
  • Ramneek Kang, Langley Grammar School
  • Jessica Oldnall, RGS Worcester
  • Phoebe Blackwell, Harlow College
  • Ruth Taviansky, St Georges
  • Poppy Backhouse, West Suffolk College
  • Jasmine Sleeper, St Clement Danes
  • Isabel Woodings, Burgess Hill Girls
  • Sarah Griffiths, St Clement Danes
  • Evan Peck, West Suffolk College
  • Caitlin Kemp, South Bromsgrove High School
  • Charley Hales, St Clement Danes
  • Georgia Thomas, Harlow College
  • Leigh Purcell, Harlow College
  • Betty Feng, Burgess Hill Girls
  • Isabel Harvey, St Clement Danes
  • Rose Parsons, St Clement Danes
  • Reece Sheik, Priory Academy LSST

Launched in Australia in 2012, Wool4School has gone to involve more than 75,000 students across Australia, Hong Kong and now England, not only learning the fundamentals of fashion design but also exploring the benefits and versatility of wool and the fabric it creates.

For more information visit www.wool4school.co.uk or contact wool4schoolengland@wool.com.

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