Working with partners: developing a Business Day resource with the Intellectual Property Office

Published 29th August 2017

The Design and Technology Association has agreed a new partnership with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding new ideas, innovations and intellectual property.

The Association is developing a series of classroom resources with the IPO to encourage pupils to explore the moral issues surrounding the protection and theft of intellectual property. The resource will be linked to the new GCSE specification and will enable pupils to develop original design ideas, research existing products and patents, and consider the ethical challenges around intellectual property.

The resource will include video material of business sessions with Year 10 pupils, where participants will debate the issues and consider their relevance to modern industry and commerce.

A good understanding of intellectual property is an important part of product design and this resource will provide a valuable introduction to Intellectual Property and the issues relating to its application in a contemporary setting.

If you are interested in working with us to create teaching resources to be used in secondary and primary schools across the country then we would like to talk to you. Email or call 01789 470007

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