Your school’s contribution to PPE equipment

Published 20th April 2020

If the Design and Technology Department in your school has been involved in the design and manufacture of PPE equipment to aid front line NHS health staff in the current coronavirus crisis, you will want people to know about it.

Many schools have been active in this and it is important that this is recognised and appreciated by MPs and others in positions where the role of Design and Technology is not currently appreciated fully. The crisis has really showcased the importance and human nature of D&T and out of diversity we have an opportunity to enlighten the whole school, the local and national community, parents and employers.

 We would encourage you to use local media to publicise what you have done and to write to your MP to help them appreciate the work you have put in.

A letter template that you might use is included in Associated Files below.

Details of where to contact your MP can be found at:

Use the constituency email address if available as this is more likely to get a quick response.

As a constituent you should include your full home name and address.

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