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Crumble Controller Starter Pack
Key Stage 3
The Crumble controller is a truly game-changing device which opens up great possibilities for ‘embedded intelligence’ as required by the new national curriculum. Non-electronics specialists can use it right away but it also offers unlimited potential for advanced users – including electronics professionals and it comes at a much lower cost than comparable devices.
You simply create a programme on a computer screen by moving icons into the right position – e.g., to turn things on and off – and then plug in the Crumble. The programme is immediately transferred and turns Crumble into whatever you tell it to do. Drawing power from a very small battery, it might be applied to anything from turning LEDs on and off in smart clothing to driving and steering a robot. Software is free and can be downloaded from Redfern Electronics.

The Crumble controller starter pack is great way to get you started. It comprises:
•    1 x Crumble controller
•    1 x Sparkle
•    2 x Gearboxes
•    8 x Crocodile Clip leads
•    1 x Light Dependant Resistor
•    1 x Microswitch
•    2 x Ultra-bright LEDs
•    1 x D.C. Buzzer
•    1 x Switched Battery Box
•    1 x USB to Micro USB 'noodle' lead.
•    Instructions & Project Suggestions

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