Crumble-friendly Components Pack CRM-218

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Crumble-friendly Components Pack

Ages 7-11 years

This selection of commonly used electronic components is for use with the Primary Crumble Controller and allows you to extend the range of projects with your programmable control lessons.

Note: The Primary Crumble Controllers can also be purchased as a bundle with additional support materials, including:

  • Two Projects on a Page Primary Crumble Planners: Years 3/4 Simple Programming and Control and Years 5/6 Monitoring and Control.
  • Programming and Control at KS2’ article from D&T Primary #32 looking at input, output and process, hardware and software and one school’s experience of designing and making a colour-changing nightlight. The projects included on the planners will require components from this pack.

The set is mounted on ‘Crumbs’ – PCBs with croc-clip friendly connections – and consists of:

  • Bulb
  • Large red LED
  • Tilt switch
  • Reed switch & magnet
  • LDR
  • Buzzer
  • Toggle switch
  • Micro-switch

Standard symbols and wiring guidance are printed on the back of the crumbs. This aids the teaching of basic electronic circuits, with or without the Crumble.

“They loved the Crumble from the outset – even programming it simply to turn an LED on and off was a source of great excitement! They quickly learned how to attach and program the sparkle, motor, buzzer and filament bulb, with little input from me”.

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