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Designing 112 - February 2019
Designing magazine is a showcase for excellence in design across all phases of education, from primary schools to universities, and in commercial and industrial design. Its regular features include interviews with top designers in product design, architecture, engineering, fashion design, food, etc and includes examples of the best work taking place in schools in the UK and across the world. Designing is an inspiration to all budding designers, as well as being informative and challenging in the ideas it includes.

Designing is delivered to D&T Association members as part of most categories of membership; if you would like a separate subscription, please contact the Association at:

Exhibitions/Awards: Spreading the word
Primary projects:Garden of delights
Support for D&T: Let’s Pitch It!
Department profile: New workshop-fresh outlook
Designer profile: Inspired
Primary projects: The STEM Workshop
Exhibitions/Awards: CES 2019
Department profile: 3D Design: On a creative journey
Exhibitions/Awards: Transportal
D&T in action: In step!
Department profile: Shine a light
Exhibitions/Awards: Quant & Dior
Support for D&T: Bite’s back

This issue’s posters
Design Icons 1-2

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