GCSE Energy Storage and Conservation

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D&T GCSE Key Resources
Energy Storage and Conservation

Ages 14-16
First published 2016

Energy Storage and Conservation classroom teaching resource
This resource is aimed at supporting teachers in delivering the Energy Generation, Storage and Conservation topic areas within the GCSE in Design and Technology. It includes a presentation that teachers can use when delivering the topic along with supporting activities to consolidate knowledge and understanding.

The resource is split into three sections – Energy, Generation, Energy Storage and Energy Conservation. Each contains notes about the topic, exam style questions and a more open ended activity for students to complete. A sample brief for a practical activity and examples of potential numeracy based activities are also included.

The resource can be used as a delivery tool for lessons covering this topic area, for example, as a visual aid covering each section of the topic. Students could attempt the practice exam questions before peer or self-assessing their responses. They could then attempt the open activities to further consolidate their knowledge and understanding.

Another potential use is that of a revision aid. The presentation could be placed on a VLE or student drive for students to use as a support tool for independent or home study.

The exam style questions begin with simple knowledge recall before moving to questions that assess further understanding. This mirrors the style of questions that could be asked in the exam, including the use of appropriate command words at the beginning of each question. The more learners are exposed to these types of questions, the more confident they will be when answering them in the actual examination.

The open activities are intended to extend and further consolidate understanding. They are deliberately open ended to allow students to fully demonstrate their ability and creativity. However, the teacher may wish to edit or scaffold these to suit the specific needs of students in their classes.

GCSE D&T subject content covered
Technical principles:

  • how the critical evaluation of new and emerging technologies informs design decisions; considering contemporary and potential future scenarios from different perspectives, such as ethics and the environment
  • how energy is generated and stored in order to choose and use appropriate sources to make products and to power systems

Included are many links to the Maths and Science subject content, outlined in the accompanying notes.

This resource is one of a number supporting the GCSE in Design and Technology including:

  • Teacher guide: Preparing a Scheme of Work
  • Understanding and choosing materials
  • Systems and control
  • Teaching for the contextual challenge
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Generating design ideas.
  • Developing and communicating design ideas including CAD.
  • Iterative Design in Action

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