Pack of three H&S Pubs - H&S Training Standards, Risk Assessment, BS4163

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Pack of three health and safety publications needed to make your D&T department safe.

Health and Safety Training Standards in Design and Technology 2018, for secondary school heads of department and subject leaders

Updated in 2018, this booklet exemplifies the D&T Health and Safety training standards which are compatible with the new procedures and Health and Safety standards, written in a form that enables easy assessment.The standards booklet provides:

  • The foundation of a nationally accepted training and accredited programme
  • In Section 6, details of the workings of the D&T Association Health and Safety accreditation scheme
  • 34 page A4 b&w booklet. Revised 2018

BS 4163:2021 Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments – Code of practice For secondary school heads of department and subject leaders

BS4163 has undergone an extensive revision and is now available to order.

Now fully updated in 2021 this essential document is the basis for all D&T Health and Safety publications and guidance and provides an explanation of the legal aspects of the British Standard Code of Practice. In any investigation by the Health and Safety Executive it will be the ultimate reference document. The document provides:

  • General guidance on class sizes, room layout, lighting, flooring, signage etc
  • Specific guidance on machinery and equipment
  • Details of the D&T Association H&S training and accreditation scheme
  • A4 printed booklet. Revised 2021

Risk Assessment in Secondary Schools and Colleges Design and Technology Teaching Environments For secondary school heads of department and subject leaders

This book, prepared in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive, gives guidance on the critical Health and Safety element of assessing risks within teaching environments. It includes up-to-date guidance, revised in 2017, on:

  • Criteria and proformas for carrying out risk assessments
  • Legal requirements
  • Guidance on class sizes, room size and layout
  • The most effective way of tackling class sizes

30 page A4 booklet b&w. Revised 2017


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