Packaging – Banish broken biscuits! Box them brilliantly!

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Age 6-9 years
First published 2011; fully updated 2021

In this food packaging project children design and make the packaging for a fragile food product exploring the relationship between the shape and strength of shell structures. It has strong links to maths as the children apply their mathematical understanding of 3D shapes and nets to inform their designing and making. They learn about strengthening sheet material to make a strong shell structure, used to protect home-made shortbread biscuits, and gain knowledge about nets and about how simple and complex 3D shapes can be made by using a net made from 2D shapes. They develop their designing skills through the knowledge gained from investigating, disassembling and evaluating a range of familiar commercial packaging, and develop their making skills through focused tasks in which they use a range of measuring, marking-out, cutting and assembling techniques. They also learn simple graphical communication techniques.

The resource includes teacher planning, a packaging prediction worksheet, pupil recording sheets and a PowerPoint presentation covering investigating, disassembling and evaluating different food packaging, examples of children’s work in designing and making activities and the outcomes of focused tasks.

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