Robots and A.I - Technology in Society: Systems & Control

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D&T Key Resources
Product Design Early KS3 – Technology in Society
Early KS3 (Year 7): Technology in Society: Systems & Control – Robots and A.I.
First released 2018

This new free resource adds to the D&T Key Resources bank of units for Key Stage 3. It includes a PowerPoint and teaching notes which look at new and emerging technologies, applying computing and electronics using sensors and outputs of different kinds and the software and hardware associated with robotics.
It also contains a design challenge that teachers might use as an extension activity.

The unit is planned to be delivered over six hourly sessions and looks at:

Assessment objectives

  • Understand and show through independent investigation, the impact that robotics and A.I. is having on our society both now and in the future.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of developing increasingly complex computer programmes using Crumble software and downloading these successfully to the Crumble board.
  • Know the functions of a range of electronic components in terms of which are inputs and which are outputs and be able to apply this to determine and control how a product (robot buggy) behaves.

Design Challenge

  • Apply the knowledge and understanding gained from the activities and use this to create a design specification.
  • Avoid design fixation and think creatively when designing products, accepting that risk taking is a positive step in the design process.

This resource has been developed with support from Redfern Electronics and the Comino Foundation.

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