Skills for Industry - Severn Trent

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Skills for Industry – Severn Trent

First published 2017
Ages 11-14

The Skills for Industry programme provides an opportunity to link secondary schools with a local industry partner to help Design and Technology teachers to develop and teach the industry-relevant knowledge and skills needed by the industry partner.

The PowerPoint and associated Excel and Word files are a record of the project that took place in 2017 but also provide materials to adapt for use in your school.

This project has a scheme over eight one-hour lessons with pupils working in teams to improve their ability to solve problems, acquiring knowledge and team work skills through ‘mainly making’ activities, requiring pupils to find solutions to a variety of challenges.

Key Learning:

Learn about the science and practical applications relating to:

  • Aerodynamics, thrust and drag
  • Friction
  • Air pressure
  • Potential and kinetic energy
  • Buoyancy and displacement
  • Density and volume
  • Newton’s third law of motion
  • Water pressure


  • Understand the benefits of teamwork and to work as part of a team to find solutions to a series of challenges.
  • Use simple methods of solving problems whilst adhering to budgets (using Excel and on paper).
  • Apply the principles and knowledge taught in lessons to real problems.
  • Apply methodical ways of analysing their performance to develop new and improved solutions.

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