Materials and their properties - Timbers, GCSE classroom teaching resource

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Materials and their properties: Timber and boards

Age 14-16
First published 2017

One of a series of classroom teaching resources for students, addressing the relevant content of all four Awarding organisations' Design and Technology GCSE specifications.
The resource will also be useful to students enrolled other technical courses including Engineering.

This contains a PowerPoint presentation containing a range of summary information for students to help them understand and apply their learning in product analysis, making design decisions and selecting and using materials.


  • Natural and manufactured timbers
  • Softwoods and hardwoods
  • Manufacturing process for natural timber
  • Plywood and block board
  • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
  • Chipboard
  • Design decisions
  • Mechanical properties
  • Aesthetic properties
  • Finishing
  • Sourcing timbers – stock forms and sizes
  • Origins of timbers
  • Scales of production in manufacture
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Processing timbers
  • Mass production techniques and tools
  • Specialist production techniques and tools
  • Quantity production methods
  • Hardwoods characteristic and properties
  • Softwoods characteristic and properties
  • Manufactured composites characteristic and properties
  • Samples of grain and colour surfaces
  • Forces, stresses and friction
  • Treatments and finishes
  • Joining and bonding
  • Social and environmental impacts
  • Recycling timber
  • Links to further information

Also included is the classroom teaching resource: ‘Materials and their properties’ which provides an introduction to choosing and using materials, materials in product analysis and links to the GCSE curriculum. It has links to other subject areas and builds upon prior learning in the areas of technical knowledge and making at KS3.

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 The five presentations are also available to purchase as a set.

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