Visual Language Resource Pack

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Visual Language Resource Pack
11-14 years

This pack explores the visual language of products and illustrates the visual elements and principles of design which designers use, either consciously or subconsciously. Contains pdfs of over 130 pages of vivid, inspired ideas and a 32 slide PowerPoint presentation. Developed by DMC Cornwall Learning in 2005 these have proved popular and effective tools to develop students’ design skills.

This pack contains:
•    A PowerPoint presentation which explains the key features of both visual elements and principles of design
•    Over 75 visual elements and principles sheets
•    Over 50 visual exercises sheets

Visual Elements
The visual elements are the building blocks of visual design.
Each element:
•    colour
•    line
•    shape
•    form
•    texture
has its own associated knowledge and understanding.

Visual Principles
The principles of visual design are the effects that the designer or artist can achieve in a design by the considered use of the visual elements.
These are just some of the common effects that designers and artists may wish to achieve.
Explanation sheets: Pattern, Balance, Harmony, Proportion, Movement & rhythm and Contrast.

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