Working with Materials and A to Z set

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Buy Working With Materials and A to Z of D&T together, and save!

Working With Materials in Primary D&T
Primary health and safety advice.
Working With Materials is a comprehensive guide to a wide range of tools and materials in use in schools. Developed by Shropshire Council in association with the D&T Association, it offers Health and Safety advice and guidance on over 200 tools, pieces of equipment and materials in common use in schools. The resource contains general advice on Health and Safety standards, classroom organisation and maintenance including example risk assessments. There is also a section on the preparation and use of permitted foods. The main advice is in the form of information sheets for each item under headings that cover construction, joining and fastening, structures, control textiles and food and there is also a gallery of images of tools and equipment. Use Working With Materials to ensure that you make it safe in your classroom. It is a a great accompaniment to A to Z of D&T, a pictorial dictionary of tools and materials in use in primary classrooms.
This was first published in 2009 and the advice on certain aspects may have changed.

The A to Z of D&T is a pictorial dictionary of D&T terminology presented as PowerPoint presentations which may also be printed as classroom display cards. The resource consists of clear images of related items, each with a picture, title and definition, covering different focus areas of workshop applications, textiles and food. It includes tools and materials in each of these settings and is aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils, but is also useful for students at Key Stage 3. Teacher notes accompany the presentations. Published in English and Welsh versions, the resource will act as a stimulus in the classroom and to supplement teaching about different aspects of D&T. A great accompaniment to ‘Working With Materials’, which offers Health and Safety advice and guidance on over 200 tools, pieces of equipment and materials in common use in schools.

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First published 2009

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