Product Design Early KS3 Year 7 - Design and Make – Jewellery Design

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Product Design Early KS3 Year 7 - Design and Make – Jewellery Design
Students are required to design and make an item of jewellery based upon 20th century design movements, reflecting the essential features of the chosen movement. It contains example mood boards, using a viewfinder for inspiration and a video on using 2D Design to help make a pewter mould before outlining the pewter casting method.

This updated set of Key Resources for Product Design has been fully refreshed and new titles added, providing teachers of Years 7, 8 and 9 with a basic set of units they can use and adapt to cover vital areas and address progression and the four learning focuses when teaching D&T:
•    Mainly Making
•    Mainly Designing
•    Design and Make
•    Technology in Society.

Titles are available as separate units to adapt and build into your teaching schemes.

The original set of Key Resources was developed to help teachers move their schemes of work from craft-based focused projects, where the outcome is the key element, towards planning Design and Technology learning units that focus on students’ learning. As before, these are 'starter' materials for teachers to adapt to their own circumstances, making them more demanding, or simpler, as necessary.

The updated resources each include a 12-point planner with the essential ‘building blocks’ that should be included to achieve good practice in D&T. We encourage teachers to engage with them by highlighting, completing or adding to the text as appropriate. This is a relatively quick and straightforward process, with lots of helpful ideas to choose from.

They have more and updated materials, including video, suggestions for activities and links to other websites and resources for students to discover more. The systems and control and product design units have scope for incorporating programmable microcontrollers to extend the learning in this critical area. Extensive notes and slides for teacher use are included in each of the presentations and the appropriate NC coded objectives are laid out to follow.

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