Embedding VEX IQ Robotics within the KS2 & KS3 D&T Curriculum - London.

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Start Date: 24th June 2019

Time: 09:30 - 16:30

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Attend this exciting D&T Association Robotics curriculum training course, in partnership with VEX Robotics.

A full day of training using VEX IQ Super Kit -  Take the kit worth over £320 away with you, on loan, for a one-month period. Enough time to continue the learning from the course and then plan it into your curriculum. You have the opportunity to permanently keep the loan kit after the month, at a 20% discounted rate.


  • Have you ever wanted or wondered how you can introduce Robotics into your curriculum?
  • Are you concerned about how it will be delivered?
  • Are you worried about the cost implications?
  • Do you wonder if it will be too technical?
  • Have you inherited VEX IQ kits and need some support?
  • You have never worked with VEX IQ and know you need to include it in your teaching!

This course aims to answer all those questions - and more - by letting you get hands-on with the VEX IQ robotics system and demonstrating how the kit can be used in a modern Design & Technology classroom.


Blended learning of practical activities reinforced by theory linking activities to KS2 & KS3 D&T curriculum. Delegates will develop their skills in building using VEX IQ robotics kits and coding using the Modkit block-based programming software, fully supported by the course leader.

Introduction –What is VEX and how is it used within D&T education. Relating to KS2 & KS3 D&T.

Session 1 – Construction of a VEX IQ Basebot and Mechanism Test Rig. Opportunity within the Basebot build to introduce participants to the components and vocabulary used. Investigate why and how the motors are connected to the gears and wheels. Look at simple construction methods when building the Mechanism Test Rig and use of structural parts. Opportunity to introduce to more complex builds following the course.

Session 2 – D&T Curriculum links using builds from Session 1. Both hands on and theory-based activities to explore aspects of the D&T Curriculum, using VEX IQ. Opportunity to link to other subjects from the wider school curriculum. Practical tasks based upon the VEX IQ Curriculum to enhance learning of Mechanisms and Systems and Control.

Session 3 – Coding using Modkit (block-based) programming software. Use of context for the design of a coded solution and the possibility of a build to utilise a mechanism in that solution. Overview of how CAD software can be used at both Key Stages and links to 3D printing and the wider D&T curriculum.

Session 4 – Brief overview of the VEX IQ Challenge and the opportunities to further engage students and develop kudos within D&T subject area. Open Q&A. Evaluation and planning next steps.

Learning Outcomes

  • A good understanding of how the use programmable components and robotics can have a deep and meaningful impact on pupils’ progress and engagement in the subject.
  • Understand how to harness mechanisms and structural exploration into solid pupil learning.
  • Apply coding and construction techniques using Modkit and VEX IQ to solve a range of contextual problems within KS2 & KS3 D&T.
  • Explore the wider advantages of engaging pupils with a robotics system (VEX IQ).  


It is an essential requirement from the school to take your DBS certificates with you. 


Bring Laptop with Pre loaded software - Delegates should bring their own laptops where possible. Delegates will be required to bring a Windows/Mac laptop preloaded with the Modkit software. Contact us to discuss if this is a problem to you.

Software required

Please click on this link to download the software. The software can be found in the Docs and Downloads tab of this web page

Please ensure you have access to the admin rights from your school IT department, to load software onto your laptop and ensure it is done prior to attending the course. There is an iPad version which can be used, though it would be preferred if delegates have laptops for the course.


Ideally you will take the kit away with you after the training and continue to work with it*. We do understand that if you are using public transport you may not want to carry it. With prior arrangement, we can send your loan kit out to you after the course through UPS. Please advise us of this prior to attending the CPD session. Take advantage of working with the loan kit for a one month period, and plan it into your future lessons to get evaluation and feedback from your students.  You have the opportunity to keep the loan kit, for a 20% discounted price of £215.99 + VAT. If you do not wish to keep the kit after the one month loan period then the complete kit must be sent back to VEX in good working condition using a pre-paid UPS return label that will be provided. Return date will be given to you when you attend the CP session



Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes as this is a practical training session.

In order to maintain the quality of our courses, we ask our delegates to book in advance and you will receive a confirmation email of your booking. Delegates that have not booked prior to the event cannot be guaranteed a space.

Course cancellation policy: https://www.data.org.uk/terms-and-conditions/


Kensington Aldridge Academy , 1 Silchester Rd
W10 6EX

Prices include VAT at the appropriate rate where applicable.

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