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Time to put the clocks back

28th January 2016

The National Curriculum subject D&T has presented controversy for the entire period of its existence.  Some might say that is good.  Others would say it is inevitable as its nature, purpose and co...

Written by: Graham Samuel

Marginalising Creativity

19th January 2016

Are you happy for creative subjects to be marginalised or removed from the curriculum? What are you thoughts?.. sign our petition

Written by: Debbie Woodbridge

Are you really teaching D&T?

4th August 2014

Are you really teaching D&T? Or are children getting a poorly conceived, watered down version of the subject, asks Gareth Pimley, lead primary consultant for the Design and Technology Associatio...

Written by: Gareth Pimley

D&T Buzz! Our new video newsletter

1st August 2014

We have launched D&T Buzz, a new video newsletter that will be posted to our members every month designed to update you on the activity of the D&T Association. Hopefully you will watch it and ...

Written by: Debbie Woodbridge

Big Bangs and damp squibs

13th March 2014

Design and technology has been in the news a lot over the last couple of days - or should I say, design and technology should have been in the news a lot! First was the CBI report, 'Engineering our fu...

Written by: Richard Green