School and college employers are accountable for health and safety

Ensure staff are up-to-date with health and safety training.

The D&T Association Health & Safety Training and Accreditation Scheme has trained over 30,000 teachers, technicians and trainees since 2007 and provides a high quality, cost-effective service through our network of Registered Health and Safety Consultants. We aim to ensure that staff in your department are trained and accredited to current British Standard, BS4163:2021*.

School and college employers are accountable for health and safety

  • All appropriate staff must receive timely and adequate training.
  • Failure to comply, can result in the employer or school being fined and named individuals can be held responsible or even imprisoned for their failure to comply with legislation.
  • It is no defense to say that the school was not aware of the legal requirements.     

All staff should have appropriate health and safety training

  • Training is highly important in practical subjects such as Design and Technology, Art and Design, Engineering, and Construction
  • The employer will need to ensure compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.
  • New entrants to the profession, must have sufficient training to use and teach practical processes and use machinery safely.
  • Training and accreditation must be refreshed every 5 years to ensure teachers and the organisation are fully compliant.

Health and safety training can be delivered in school or college         

Choose an expert consultant from our directory, which is searchable by region and specialism of training and accreditation.

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