Jamie Robinson

CEO and Founder of Mashoom


This episode represents a slightly different approach to the podcast as we look at the world of coding and data sharing through the eyes of an entrepreneur and business owner. Listen here.

Jamie Robinson is the founder and CEO of Mashoom, a solution that Jamie initially designed while he was a second-year student at UCL studying Mechanical Engineering; and needed a solution when all of the data for a Formula Student racing car that his team were designing and making was lost when a team member departed.  

After looking for a commercial solution and finding the cost-prohibitive and the products 'over-engineered,' he set about designing and making his own solution. Much to the surprise of all involved, including his university tutor, he created a solution that worked well, and in a stroke, Mashoom was born. 

Jamie talks us through his journey through school and university, through DJ'ing at some of London's best-known clubs, to his position today as the owner of a successful and growing company. 

Through the podcast, Jamie is offering a trial of Mashoom to any schools out there that might find the product helpful. Detail on the product can be found at https://www.mashoom.co.uk/ and Jamie can be contacted on Twitter here @JamieTheMashMan

This podcast has been recorded with the help of our sponsors, The Edge Foundation inspiring the education system to give all young people across the UK the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to flourish in their future life and work, and PTC Onshape Providing industry-standard cloud-based CAD to education.

We are indebted to both The Edge and PTC Onshape for their continued support. 

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