Ruth Amos

YouTube Channel host, presenter and professional speaker


In this episode, I am delighted to be in conversation with award-winning British inventor, YouTube Channel host, presenter and professional speaker Ruth Amos.

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Ruth's future took a massive diversion when she was tasked with designing a mobility aid for a member of her design and technology teachers' family who had suffered a stroke. The task quickly escalated from a school GCSE project to a potential business as it became evident that there was no equivalent solution on the market, and Ruth started to receive requests to buy a product that, at this stage, was in prototype form only. 

On the back of this project, Ruth was  named Young Engineer for Britain in 2006, and the decision was made to abandon any thoughts of university and instead set up her company to manufacture and sell.

Over the coming years, Ruth built on her initial success and became involved in several companies, at one point acting as an advisor to the UK government. 

More recently, Ruth has teamed up with her colleague and fellow Young Engineer for Britain Shawn Brown, to start a YouTube Channel aimed at harnessing and embracing the creativity of young people, and Kids Invent stuff was born.

The channel has been featured on local and international news outlets as well as primetime TV and, to date, has received over two million views. Take a look...It's madness personified, but I love it!

It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Ruth as she shared her journey from D&T GCSE project to inventor and business entrepreneur. So grab an hour of me time, walk the dog, take us to the gym, or simply pull up a comfy chair, and enjoy Designed for Life in conversation with Ruth Amos.

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