Embed 3D Printing into your Primary Design & Technology Curriculum

Published 7th December 2021

We are collaborating with CREATE Education to introduce a program for Primary schools to embed 3D Printing into your curriculum! Take a look a the webinar which explains the programme. 

Twenty 3D Printers are available to be loaned to 20 Primary Schools across the UK in 2022. Contact amelia.wright@data.org.uk for further info.

Each printer will spend 5 weeks within the school, whilst teachers deliver a fully supported program of resources and activities to their pupils. The aim is to demonstrate the value of this technology and clearly embed it into your curriculum.

It is essential to curriculum development that pupils are offered the opportunity to experience the technologies of the future. 3D printing technology (additive manufacture) are highly familiar within secondary schools and beyond and by adding this at a primary level, you will be offering an advantage to your pupils as they progress with their schooling.

This is an exciting opportunity for your school to lead the way for other primary schools. The technology has a true Wow factor which will impress teachers and OFSTED alike.

Available Start Dates:

  • Wave 1 - 10th Jan 2022 - 11th Feb 2022
  • Wave 2  - 21st Feb 2022 - 25th March 2022
  • Wave 3 -  25th April 2022 - 27th May 2022
  • Wave 4  - 6th June 2022 - 8th July 2022

Teachers applying for the program will require full support from their senior team, and an understanding of the commitment the school will need to make, to ensure that the machines full capacity is realised within your curriculum, long term. You will be supported by us and CREATE Education with resources, template letters and information you will need, to encourage local companies or your PTA to help fund the purchase of the printer after the 5 week project has been completed.

Instructions and support with set up and the delivery of the projects will also be provided by both CREATE Education and the Design & Technology Association.

Should you wish to be considered for the program please do contact amelia.wright@data.org.uk


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