Membership is changing but changing for the better!

Published 2nd December 2019

Membership is changing but changing for the better!

Our members are all important to us. As a large community we can affect the changes needed to ensure that D&T remains central to curricula offer in both primary and secondary schools. The larger our membership is, the more influence we have, and our voice is more likely to be heard and acted upon.

As the UK's expert authority for design and technology, the Association believes that there should be the opportunity for every student, across abilities, gender and socio-economic backgrounds, to study high quality design and technology as part of a broad and creative curriculum up to the age of 18.

The Design and Technology Association supports, develops and promotes high quality design and technology teaching and learning as an essential part of the rounded education of all young people. We link schools and students with the world of business, manufacturing and industry, and lobby government and key decision makers to ensure that the subject’s value is duly recognised and supported.

Design and Technology is the only subject in school which provides an opportunity for students to experience technical education, offering a unique introduction to the creative, engineering, design and manufacturing sectors.  It presents students with the opportunity to learn about a wide range of industry-relevant skills, including design thinking, engineering, robotics, electronics and computer control, and combines the acquisition of conceptual skills with practical skills in the solution of “real-life” problems.  Through experiencing practical contextual challenges, students develop the transferable skills and attitudes highly valued by employers, including communication, teamwork, resilience, analytical skills and problem solving.

As change happens in schools and within education, we adapt membership to ensure that every member is fully supported and can access the resource and support that they need to deliver this inspiring and innovative subject.

Primary School and Secondary Departmental Membership options

By far the best value design and technology membership option for D&T teachers around the country today. We are keen to assist more and more teachers in schools across the country, so join as a school and benefit from the support available to all the teachers in your secondary department or primary school. Every teacher in your department (secondary) and school (primary) can be a member whilst they are employed by your school, enabling them to take advantage of a broad and varied suite of member benefits, discounted CPD, support and expert guidance.

The Basic Alternative

If you are uncertain of the value of joining our community and are happy to experience a very much lighter version of membership, then our primary or secondary ‘Basic’ membership may be a perfect starting point. With this membership option you won’t receive the hard copy magazines or full member discounts on our resources and teacher events and CPD, you will be able to access a curriculum toolkit designed to get you started with help in the classroom, and  gain a further understanding of all that is required to teach inspirational D&T. In addition, you will have access to the Self-Review Framework, a tool which is designed to help you determine the quality and effectiveness of all aspects of Design and Technology provision in your school. All this for just £15 designed to get you on the first rung of the membership ladder and involved in our growing community.

Minor changes to current membership fees

We are making many more of our downloadable resources free of charge to replace curriculum credits, which will no longer be available upon renewal of your membership

Some of our member category rates will also change as you renew: online, student, retired, trainee, technician and teaching assistant memberships will become a primary or secondary basic membership and benefit from the new reduced rate of £15. Student membership will also change and again be moved to basic membership upon renewal. This category does not gain access to member rates for resources and CPD due to the reduced membership rate. Please check the membership options online for benefits to this category. Members can upgrade at any time to full membership in order to receive further benefits

Membership category and price changes will come into effect from January 1st as outlined below

  • Basic member £15 (a new category, incorporating trainee, student, online, retired, teaching assistant and technician)
  • Primary Individual £45
  • Primary School £90
  • Secondary Individual £85
  • Secondary School £225
  • Primary NQT £38
  • Secondary NQT £55
  • Consultant £135
  • Corporate £450 £375 + VAT
  • Blueprint 1000 £1270 + VAT



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