Post Election Campaigning

Published 16th May 2017

Following 8th June the newly formed Government will be setting the direction for navigating the UK into a post-Brexit future. Whatever the outcome, you can be assured that the Design and Technology Association will be back in the business of lobbying Department for Education ministers, in support of our cause. These are difficult times and we know all about the challenges facing the sector, and in particular, those that affect Design and Technology departments: from lack of funding to teacher recruitment, through to the impact of the EBacc on pupils’ subject choices. More widely, we face a future of economic uncertainty and growing inequality. Employers are increasingly pointing to problems they already face in recruiting and retaining skilled workers and bodies like the CBI are concerned about the future supply of skills.

This is an opportunity. The Design and Technology Association believes that good quality design, engineering and technology education should be part of any Government’s ambition for a strong economy. As we know, the subject represents a golden opportunity to introduce young people to a wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences – from design engineering to additive manufacturing and other new technologies. This makes D&T a place in the curriculum where young people of all abilities can develop exactly the kind of skills, aptitudes and values that employers are looking for. This is a big claim, and one that must be supported by investment in teachers and resources, and we will be urging the new Government to provide the support to allow design and technology to make its unique contribution to these social and economic goals.

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