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Published 18th May 2022

The Design and Technology Association have already begun to hold a series of roundtable discussions looking at how we build from the recently released Education Policy Institute research paper 'Spotlight on D&T'. The research undertaken in this study is the first to comprehensively examine trends in D&T subjects over the last ten years.

The report includes some incredibly alarming figures including that the number of students who took D&T at GCSE level fell by half (44% to 22%) from 2009 to 2020.

This considerable decline in take-up is extremely worrying for the subject and is suggestive that figures will continue to fall without appropriate action.

The purpose of these initial roundtable discussions was to pose several questions to two different groups of school leaders, governors, business leaders and policymakers in order to gain an overall picture of the current situation and explore potential solutions which can be taken to government.

Questions posed during the Roundtables:

  1. What role does business and industry have in supporting design and technology within our schools?
  2. What are the main motivators for any existing or potential involvement?
  3. What value does D&T bring to the curriculum that cannot easily be obtained elsewhere?
  4. What main actions are required to arrest the subject's decline at both GCSE and A-Level and how might these actions be proposed to government as solutions, rather than as additional problems to be solved?

We have been able to collate the responses from these meetings with a view to tackling the issues highlighted including:

  1. The value of an interdisciplinary subject, in a broad and balanced curriculum
  2. The decline in D&T GCSE and A level entries, and shortage of specialist subject teachers
  3. Barriers and opportunities, towards further and higher education and employment

Our CEO Tony Ryan will be hitting the road to gain information from teachers regionally to discuss the strengths and difficulties of delivering D&T in schools. These are free to attend and offer a chance to make your voice heard. It is your voice collectively that we need to fight for the survival of the subject.

These events will be held after school from 4.00 to 6.00pm. Refreshments are included. Book on to one of our sessions below:


22 June - Manchester Metropolitan University, PrintCity, Turing House, 5 Archway, Manchester

Register Here

29th June- The Langdale Centre, Langdale Gardens, Howdon, Newcastle up on Tyne

Register Here

All evidence and information obtained will be compiled into a paper to be released this summer in advance of political party conferences.

You can find out more about how to take part by getting in contact: events@data.org.uk.

Speak up and stand alongside us to secure a positive future for D&T.

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