Student Alumni - What are they doing now – and what can they do for you?

Published 16th January 2017

It is always useful to follow past students and find out how they have fared since leaving school, particularly those who have benefited from a good D&T education and are putting it to some use. The important skills learned in design and technology don’t necessarily have to lead to a career in manufacturing or product design, and often students find themselves following job paths that, on the surface, do not follow expectations. However, soft skills such as working in teams, iterative and creative thinking and developing negotiating skills are easily transferable to many careers, and knowing that students have benefited can help both morale in the department and the promotion of the subject to parents and students at options time.

Ex-students’ feedback to those currently in school can be very beneficial and keeping in touch with past students can deliver ambassadors and positive messages about the value of D&T in gaining the careers they seek.

The Association has put together a proforma that you can download and use to contact ex-students and gather the information. We would very much like to see what comes back and can develop this into a resource that can help departments other schools ensure that the subject is valued as it should be.

Download the form here and remember to get permission from any willing participants to use their information to help you and us promote the subject.

Send completed forms to

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