Iterative Design in Action

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Iterative Design in Action
CPD for teaching iterative design and designing in contexts
Ages 5-16
First published 2016

Iterative design and context have been identified as critical and potentially the most unfamiliar features of the new requirements for design and technology.
The Design and Technology Association has worked with the team at Goldsmiths on this flexible collection of CPD resources to support key aspects of the new design and technology curriculum at KS1, 2, 3 and GCSE. The materials have been developed to be used in a range of different CPD circumstances, from self-study, to departmental and area meetings, over different timescales from 15 mins to all day sessions.

The resources include:

Video case study
The backbone of the resource is a video case study following a condensed six-hour iterative design project which ran over two days with a class of Y10 pupils. The video is presented as 11 chapters focusing on key interventions that can be used to help structure and manage effective iterative design in the classroom. The themed chapters also act as separate video snippets to support shorter focused CPD sessions:

  • Introduction to Iterative Design
  • Working with Contexts
  • Handling collections
  • First ideas
  • Users and Context
  • Modelling
  • Photo story line
  • Working individually with team support
  • Developing ideas
  • Lift pitch
  • Fast forward

The pack includes copies of the pupil activity workbook, teacher instructions and resource lists to help you run similar activities in your own lessons.

Seven Kings Activity Guide

This shows the timings used for the project at Seven Kings High School. These can be modified by teachers to suit their own school's timetabling structure, so that the timings could be amended so that a similar project could run across 4 x 90 minute lessons, or 6 x 60 minute lessons.

Animated presentations

To help to explain the interventions illustrated in the video there are also two short animated presentations.

  • What is iterative design?
  • Scaffolding iterative design

The first provides a general picture of what iterative design is all about; the second builds on this and explains the individual teacher interventions exemplified in the case study. Either could be used with teachers and with parents.

Information sheets

Five themed information sheets provide more detail about:

  • Structuring your own iterative design tasks
  • Working with context in principle
  • Working with context in practice
  • Using handling collections to stimulate creative thinking
  • Developing rapid modelling resources

While these can be printed out on A3, the intention is for them to be referenced onscreen alongside the video and animations. As well as exploring the principles, each sheet provides suggestions for short CPD activities to help build a more concrete understanding of the issues in relation to developing your own classroom practice.

PowerPoint presentations

To support more intensive CPD sessions the collection includes three PowerPoint presentations which can be used to bind the other resources together in half or whole day programmes:

  • Structuring activities for designing
  • The importance of Context in developing Design and Technological capability CPD Activities  
  • The importance of Context in developing Design and Technological capability Context in the curriculum   

Iterative design CPD sessions route map

The route map illustrates a range of different ways in which you might combine these resources to support individual and collective CPD sessions of different duration, focused on different aspects of iterative design.    

This resource is supplied on DVD. It is not available to purchase using Curriculum Credits.

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