Skills for Industry - Jaguar Land Rover

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Skills for Industry – Jaguar Land Rover

First published 2018
Ages 11-14

The Skills for Industry programme provides an opportunity to link secondary schools with a local industry partner to help Design and Technology teachers to develop and teach the industry-relevant knowledge and skills needed by the industry partner.

In this activity, JLR will bring real life experience into the classroom, and aim to develop problem solving skills in the pupils who will be presented with a challenge to develop a prototype eCar System for future digital controlled vehicles by investigating some of the systems they might contain.

This project has a scheme over 13 one-hour lessons with pupils working in teams to improve their ability to solve problems, acquiring knowledge and team work skills through ‘mainly making’ activities, requiring pupils to find solutions to a variety of challenges.

Key Learning

Technical knowledge – TK

  • TK9 How to apply computing and use electronics to embed intelligence in products that respond to inputs
  • TK11 How to apply the concepts of feedback in systems
  • TK12 How to control outputs such as actuators and motors
  • TK20 Understand how more advanced mechanical systems used in their products enable changes in movement and force
  • TK13 How to use software and hardware to develop programmes and transfer these to programmable components for example, microcontrollers
  • TK14 How to make use of microcontrollers in products they design and manufacture themselves

Designing – DB

  • DB4 Use CAD and related software packages to validate their designs in advance of manufacture

Evaluating – EA

  • EA3 Select appropriate methods to evaluate their products in use and modify them to improve performance
  • EA4 Produce short reports, making suggestions for improvements


  • Create a control system (program & circuit) to operate a system in the required manner. [TK9, TK12, TK13, TK14]
  • Apply mechanisms to achieve and control movement in system. [TK20]
  • Use feedback to control the way a system operates. [TK11]
  • Use CAD/CAM in the creation of a working prototype. [DB4]
  • Document a system such that others can create copies or other versions. [EA3, EA4]

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