Using brand scenarios to generate ideas

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Age 11-14 years
First published 2012

In this resource students are encouraged to name the attributes of common brands, identifying their ‘brand personality’ on a Look, Think, Speak diagram. They can then clearly see how the brands’ attributes have been communicated through the brand’s packaging, advertising and promotional events.

They are then given scenarios, such as, ‘If Innocent Smoothies were to design a post-office what would it be like?’ The creative ideas that emerge give students more confidence to experiment when starting their own project. By using the same technique, students can attribute a personality to their own project that suits their target audience. This then becomes a stimulus and a reference point for their creative ideas.This works particularly well with service design which can communicate the ‘personality’ in a number of ways.

The resource consists of a plan for a single lesson, using whole class, group and individual work, teacher notes, a template for the Look, Think, Speak triangle diagram, key word prompts and an image bank of brand images. There are also examples of how students have used the triangle diagram to help them made decisions relating to particular brands’ personalities.

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