STEM into Action - LED lamp

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LED Lamp
STEM into Action with D&T
Ages 11-14
First published 2016

Modern high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) can be extremely powerful. The beam from any LED will spread out over a distance but it can be modified to create more focused patterns using a lenses, mirrors and diffusers.
This resource contains a PowerPoint presentation and Word document that helps students build, test and improve their own LED lamp. The resource covers the science and mathematics behind reflecting and directing light as well as different types of lighting and how this can be incorporated into a product.  

The STEM into Action D&T Key Resources were developed with support from Mayor of London.
These resources are not meant to be given to students without explanation. They are best used in short sessions which combine hands-on experimentation and creative tasks. Technical knowledge will be gained and secured through experimentation which can then be applied in a design context.
LED lamp kits and many other STEM resources for schools can be purchased from the Mindsets web site:

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