GCSE D&T Key Resources

A set of CPD and classroom resources to support departments implementing the single subject D&T GCSE

GCSE D&T Key Resources

GCSE D&T Key Resources

The new single subject GCSE provides an excellent opportunity for departments to modernise their D&T curriculum and offer genuinely effective and inspiring D&T. These resources have been carefully designed to help your department plan for and implement the new GCSE and are provided as both departmental CPD and classroom teaching resources.
Further titles will be added as the new specifications are finalised for first teaching in 2017.

CPD resources

Teacher Guide: Preparing a GCSE Scheme of Work

  • A guide to developing a robust and irresistible curriculum leading to success with the new D&T GCSE

Control Systems Teacher Training PowerPoints

  • Enabling you to teach your students to build control technology into their designs

Teaching for the Contextual Challenge

  • Enabling you to prepare your students to engage in user centred iterative designing

New and Emerging Technologies

  • Enabling you to teach your students technological perspective

Understanding and choosing materials

  • Enabling you to teach your students to design across material areas

Generating Initial Design Ideas

  • Enabling you to teach your students how to be creative

Developing and communicating design ideas including CAD

  • Enabling you to teach your students to develop and communicate exceptional specifications

 These resources are also available as a pack of all seven items.


See also:

Iterative Design In Action

  • A flexible collection of videos, PowerPoints, activities and guidance sheets to support key aspects of NC D&T across all phases

 Designing in contexts

  • Classroom teaching and CPD resources

 Energy storage and conservation

  • Classroom teaching resource including a presentation and supporting activities

Materials and their properties - Polymers

  • Classroom teaching resource focusing in plastics

Materials and their properties - Metals

  • Classroom teaching resource covering metals

Materials and their properties - Textiles

  • Classroom teaching resource covering textiles

Materials and their properties - Timbers

  • Classroom teaching resource covering timbers

Materials and their properties - Papers and boards

  • Classroom teaching resource covering papers and boards

Materials and their properties - Set

  •  Set of six classroom teaching resources for GCSE

The Design and Technology Secondary Subject Leaders Files 2017

A set of ten files in pdf format with a wealth of information and links to help subject leaders plan and develop their departments in line with modern curriculum and practices.


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