Designing Resource Pack

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Designing Resource Pack
11-14 years

These substantial resources from DMC Cornwall Learning were developed in 2008, but remain particularly relevant to product design today. They are in pdf format and consist of a substantial and well-illustrated look at all major aspects of design.

The resource divided into 5 sections over 82 large scale pages:
•    Section 1 - Design overview - An outline of the breadth and history of design.
•    Section 2 - Case Studies - A collection of designer case studies of designer case studies looking closely at their approach to design and personal characteristics.
•    Section 3 - Design attitudes - Personality traits
•    Section 4 - Design tool kit - A set of effective design tools
•    Section 5 - Design processes - Different approaches to design processes

The pack is based on a few simple yet fundamental premises:
•    Designing is fun and should be enjoyed by young and old alike.
•    Designing is a basic human activity which has been around since tools were first developed to help feed, clothe and make our lives better.
•    Designing is much more than a paper based activity and can be undertaken using a wide variety of methods and media.
•    Designing should not be separated from considered making.
•    Designing requires a wide range of knowledge and skills drawn from across the traditional curriculum.
•    There is not just one linear design process - there are as many different ways to approach designing as there are people and design contexts.
•    There are a wide variety of 'tools' which the designer can use to help identity, clarify, develop and communicate design intentions. Like tools in any tool box, they can be used in a variety of ways.

It is intended that the materials be used by the teacher in a variety of ways:
•    To boost their own and student knowledge and understanding of designing.
•    As discrete units, integrated into schemes of work to support on-going activities.
•    As a student research resource.
•    As the focus for homework activities.
•    As display materials to inform and stimulate student understanding.

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