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Published 8th May 2014

Written by: Willy Adam

You buy our resources, you use them... now tell us about the outcomes. What have your students done? Did everything go according to plan? If you have any comments about the resources on our website, please let us know.

Remember too there’s a great opportunity to showcase your students’ work in one of our magazines: Designing, D&T Primary and D&T Practice. If you’ve used one of the resources in school, or if you have delivered great teaching of a different project with your classes, we’d like to know about it. Get in touch and share this with other schools by writing a short case study that we can publish.

You just need to give a little background: your school and how the project came about; a step-by-step walk through what the students have done and learned; an evaluation of the process and outcomes, and how this has benefitted staff and students. We normally like to include between 1,500 and 2,000 words, with good quality pictures, and if you have examples of resources you have used that others can download, we welcome these too.

There is less space in D&T Primary, but we would still like to hear what primary schools have been doing in D&T and we can put case studies up on the website for others to share. Let us know too how you’re putting Projects on a Page into action, and how it is working in your planning.

Other schools will really welcome the opportunity to see your work and it helps keep the status of the subject, and your department and school, up where it belongs.


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