Training and Events

A regular schedule of varied events: refresher courses, legislation updates, networking meetings and CPD training to build on your existing knowledge.

Training and Events

Why are events important to our members? The D&T Association runs a regular schedule of varied events throughout the academic year. These events can be refresher courses in your chosen field, or can be used as a means to build on your existing knowledge by Continued Professional Development (CPD). Our members and non-member delegates always benefit from the CPD experience gained at events. They’re also a great chance to meet fellow D&T professionals in a non-work environment and discuss new developments, trends, ideas, and compliance issues. They’re also an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals around the country via our local branch network.

CPD training is important and when it is feasible to do so we will reinstate this offer to you. In the mean time we are continually looking at new ways to support you whilst the government restrictions are in place. Please see below for more information on Bespoke INSET Training, E-Learning and D&T Webinars. 

Bespoke INSET Training 

Continue your INSET training online with a bespoke INSET training package for all teachers delivering D&T in primary and secondary schools. These are for members and non-members and can offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to scheduled CPD events and training days. These can be delivered online to effectively meet your school requirements by developing a bespoke package to meet your highly individual needs. In-school INSET training will be available when government guidelines permit.

For more information on our INSET training packages please click here    

Continue your CPD with E-Learning

Three newly launched courses are now available on our dedicated E-Learning platform. High quality, low price CPD has been on our agenda for some time but the restrictions imposed by COVID provided the push required to expedite this programme. 

Our E-Learning courses allow you to work at your own pace giving you the understanding and confidence to improve your practice in Design & Technology back in the classroom. Written by subject experts at the Design & Technology Association, our courses are made to meet the needs and high standards of a modern, busy school and count towards your ongoing Continuing Professional Development requirements. Each course will include a mixture of videos, quizzes and downloadable resources to help you develop your D&T teaching.

After completing each course, you will be issued a certificate and digital badge as proof of your ongoing CPD in Design and Technology education.

The E-Learning courses are:

1. (Re)introducing D&T to your primary curriculum - read more

2. Understanding the iterative design cycle in primary D&T - read more

3. Primary D&T Workshop Collection - read more

4. Secondary D&T Workshop Collection - read more

5. Embedding Sustainable Practice in Design and Technology - read more

6. Implementing Computer Aided Design (C.A.D) in primary D&T - read more

7. Transition in Design and Technology - read more 

8. Surviving your RQT year - read more

D&T Webinars: Keeping the Community Together

We have a programme of free webinars enabling members and non-members to network and learn from each other and our trainers.
Networking events connecting the D&T community enabling teachers to share ideas, and learn from others. The webinars range from D&T departmental tours (see how other D&T departments are organised), a Projects on the Page webinar giving an overview of the resource, Q&A webinar with D&T experts answering your queries on Non-Examined Assessment through to supporting NQT's and teachers that specialise in educating pupils with Special, Educational, Needs & Disabilities.

See the schedule and book your place.

For those who have missed the previous webinars, read what was discussed at the Coping with Covid one here

Sustainability Design Challenge

A free course which will give you:  Take a look at this video

  • An understanding of the importance of global learning and how it impacts on us all
  • A better understanding of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and how to make reference to them in your teaching
  • Content to support the delivery of core knowledge associated with sustainable design, energy, mechanisms and structure
  • Problem-solving challenges to highlight to your students how engineering can improve the quality of people’s lives

"Fantastic resources"

"Being able to go through and discuss the teaching of the subject"

"Ideas of classroom practice"

"Show the possibilities of what creative sustainable options are available"

"Gaining new ideas and concepts to deliver different lessons"

D&T CPD Events Scheduled for 2021

The D&T Association runs a collection of CPD training events. Next year you will be able to choose from a wealth of different CPD sessions, scheduled to run at venues nationwide

Secondary Courses for 2021

  • Planning and Preparing for "Deep Dive" in Secondary D&T
  • Health and Safety Core Training

Primary CPD for 2021

  • Primary Subject Leadership
  • Getting your D&T Primary Curriculum Ready for a Deep Dive

We are always looking for Branch coordinators so please do consider one of your teachers being a coordinator in your area and then we can get a busy branch set up for you and supply you with regular info, video, topics for discussion and an arena for networking with like-minded teachers

How to book an event

You can book an event online or, call 01789 470007 or email us.

Where are events held?

Some events are organised and delivered regionally at a school, college, university or other venue near you. We also hold some courses at dedicated conference facilities across the country

We are always keen to find host schools for some of our courses. Host schools may benefit from membership deals and/ or free place on the course if it reaches a viable delegate number.

Who is involved in developing and delivering CPD?

We develop our CPD sessions with a number of well-trained, experienced colleagues, expert practicing teachers and consultant members. Our established credibility allows us to work with expert teachers and consultants, executives, fellow members to develop a comprehensive schedule of training each year. Our highly experienced events team, ensures the events are of high quality and on current and relevant topics required by teachers

Working together for D&T

A strong and educated membership helps the D&T Association develop, maintain, and present a valuable strategic vision. One that represents the views of the community to national policy makers, other government agencies, and partners. Our events are planned to ensure our members are equipped with the latest information to help them to implement the new national curriculum effectively and efficiently.

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