E-Learning Courses

Our E-Learning courses allow you to work at your own pace giving you the understanding and confidence to improve your practice in Design & Technology back in the classroom. Written by subject experts at the Design & Technology Association, our courses are made to meet the needs and high standards of a modern, busy school and count towards your ongoing Continuing Professional Development requirements. Each course will include a mixture of videos, quizzes and downloadable resources to help you develop your D&T teaching. 

After completing each course, you will be issued a certificate and digital badge as proof of your ongoing CPD in Design and Technology education.

The E-Learning courses are:

1. (Re)introducing D&T to your primary curriculum - read more

2. Understanding the iterative design cycle in primary D&T - read more

3. Primary D&T Workshop Collection - read more

4. Secondary D&T Workshop Collection - read more

5. Implementing Computer Aided Design (C.A.D) in primary D&T - read more

6. Transition in Design and Technology - read more 

7. Surviving your ECT year - read more

8. Delivering D&T through various methods (no more chalk and talk) - read more 

9. How to implement Mechanisms in the primary D&T curriculum - read more

10. Promoting D&T in the School and Wider Community - read more

11. Why and how to use e-portfolios in D&T - read more

12. Teaching electronics in KS3 D&T - read more

13. Embedding Sustainable Practice in Design and Technology - read more

14. Writing a Scheme of Learning in D&T: Putting Pedagogy First - read more

Member prices start at £25 and non-member prices start at £35. Courses are available for a 6 month period from the date of purchase.


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